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Threading & Waxing

An ancient Indian craft which uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair, more and more people are favouring threading over waxing for specific parts of the body that are sensitive or require precision, such as eyebrows, upper lip and chin, as they find it gives better definition, is kinder to skin and lasts longer. Our highly skilled beauticians use their softest touch to gently twist and pull along a line of unwanted hair, swiftly pulling it directly from the follicle, after discussing your requirements beforehand.

We also offer waxing – generally favoured for larger parts of the body – and use a combination of hot and strip wax depending on the area treated.

Please call us on 01274 630006 or drop us a message in our online contact form here  to book your hair removal treatment. We look forward to welcoming you at Clear Skin Clinic!

*Results may vary from person to person. You are advised not to expose the target area to the sun or sun beds for at least four weeks before and after your treatment. Some people feel a slight tingling sensation. You may experience some swelling or redness immediately after the treatment. Sometimes an increase or decrease in pigmentation can occur, and in a very small number of cases the texture of skin may alter. IPL very rarely causes scarring. Treatment times vary depending on the skin tone, hair colour and thickness, and the size of the area. Six to eight sessions are usually required in general, but facial areas may need 10-12. For best results we recommend completing the full treatment.