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Cellcontrol's award-winning technology eliminates the temptation to talk, text, email and surf the web while driving.

It’s as easy as fixing a small, solar powered, device to the vehicle's windscreen and downloading the app to the smartphone. Once that's done then the phone can’t be used when the vehicle is being driven.

Unlike other safe driving apps there is no reliance on driver to operate it. Instead, it is managed centrally by the fleet operator or parent and once installed it can't easily be disabled and any attempts to tamper with it are immediately reported by text or email.

Fleets are assured that their mobile phone policy is enforced and parents can have complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their children are not going to be using their phone when they are driving.

You can allow applications such as handsfree phone or satellite navigation, or even music if required, or you can prevent phone use entirely - it's up to you.

If you operate a fleet, you can even set different rules for different groups of drivers; - and anyone attempting to contact the phone when its in a moving vehicle automatically receives a text message to tell them that the person isn’t available until they stop driving.

You can be sure that at home, Cellcontrol will protect your loved ones from the perils of distracted driving by removing the threat of mobile distractions. At work, Cellcontrol protects your company, your employees and the community by eliminating your driver’s use of mobile phones when driving.

The award winning Cellcontrol system is now protecting thousands of drivers around the world so make sure your family and business are protected. Don't take the risk, install Cellcontrol today.

Cellcontrol. The safe driving system everyone’s talking about – Just not when they’re driving!

Our Services Prepare for Awesome!

Cellcontrol for your Family

Cellcontrol is your family's Co-Pilot, eliminating the threat of mobile distractions and delivering driver performance information
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Cellcontrol for your Business

Eliminate the risk of employee mis-use of mobile technologies behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.
Experience immediate ROI.

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Cellcontrol Partners

With over six years dedicated to developing award winning driver safety technology, we have established a who's who in partnerships.


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