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Air Source Heat Pumps

It’s payback time,
receive up to £7,000
from the government
when installing an
air source heat pump

A Free

The New Eco-friendly, cost-reducing alternative
to traditional boilers

bg-eco-brainGovernment have been set targets to reduce the UKs Carbon Emissions by 2050 by at least 80% Take advantage of these government grants and have a new top range technology installed. Saving you money and saving our planet! You can use ASHP for domestic hot water and central heating- working the same as a traditional boiler using the air outside! Isn’t it time you GO GREEN if it’s in your favour


Watch the video to see how an air source heat pump works

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Air Source Heat Pumps are an innovative new way of providing hot water and heating using the energy contained in the air itself – even if the outside air falls to a frigid -15°C!



Let’s take a look at some facts and figures to illustrate the overwhelming efficiency and cost benefits of Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps…



The UK Government has agreed to an ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by the year 2020, and to help achieve this target they currently have two schemes in place.





Targets have been introduced aimed at reducing the UKs Carbon Emissions by at least 80% by 2050 and the UK has taken the lead by being the first country to establish legally binding carbon budgets. As a result the government has introduced grants enabling both domestic and business users the opportunity to have top range energy efficient technology installed. This is the perfect time for you to enjoy both the benefits of a new heating system which uses less energy, while also helping meet the 2050 target.

Whether you are looking for best heat pump for your business premises or are looking for a domestic heating solution, our products are designed to help save you money and reduce energy waste. You can have access to revolutionary air source heat pumps for domestic hot water and central heating. They work in the same way as traditional boilers, however instead of burning more precious energy resulting in higher fuel bills, they use more of the most natural resource – the air outside! This is your chance to make a difference and help save the planet – as well as save £££’s. Call us today for more information – GOING GREEN has never been easier – or cheaper!